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Attached you will find the Week’s Events Calendar for the upcoming activities at MSHS.

Best wishes to our students and teachers as they complete their final course requirements and prepare for final exams. Please reach out to your teachers, counselors or administrators if you are in need of assistance. The extended day after school support is available Monday-Wednesday next week. WIN time Tuesday will also be a great opportunity to review for final exams.

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Please be aware that the parent portal, which includes email notifications, will be shut down June 13th for staff to finalize grades.  We have suggested to students to check their grades over the next couple days.  The target date to open the portal back up is by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 23.  The portal will then be open until the end of July.




Late Start - QPD

1st hour Exam:  9:45- 11:10 am

Lunch:  11:10-11:55 (45 min.)

2nd hour:  12:01-12:40 pm

3rd hour:  12:46-1:25 pm

4th hour: 1:31-2:10 pm 

5th hour:  2:16-2:55 pm


1/2 Day School

2nd Hour Exam:  7:45-9:10 am

Break:  9:10-9:20 am

3rd Hour Exam:  9:20-10:45 am


1/2 Day School

Last Student Day

4th Hour Exam:  7:45-9:10 am

Break:  9:10-9:20 am

5th Hour Exam: 9:20-10:45 am

Student & Staff last day 

Teacher Checkout 

Mona Shores High School Summer School 2023 -



  • No cost to current and pre-registered students of Mona Shores schools for Credit Recovery & Credit Enhancement courses

  • Session I is 11 days.

  • Session II is 9 days.  

  • Speech will be offered in both Session I and Session II, running 9 days for each.  

    • Session I: June 20 - 30

    • Session II: July 10 - 20

  • Class Time is 8:00am - 1:00pm  (Except Opening Day, June 20th: 9:30am - 2:30pm)

Extended Day Program:

Monday - Wednesday after school until 3:45 pm next week. Teachers and NHS tutors are available for support. Location is the HS Library Media Center. A great opportunity to work on collaborative projects, stay engaged in your learning and achieve your goals.

Fine Arts Information: 

Confidential Safety Tip Form

Found on our HS Webpage is the OK 2 Say link. If you are ever concerned about the safety or well being of a student. Please access the link. This is a confidential site that is monitored by the Michigan State Police. Assistance is quickly available.Confidential Safety Tip Form

Mental Health resources for families:

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