Copyright Resources

Copyright Resources for Staff

Copyright Resources On The Internet

1. U.S. Copyright Office

2. The Copyright Act

2.1 General Sources
2.2 Sections of the Act of Interest to Educators
2.3 New Laws Amending the Act of Interest to Educators
2.4 Regulations of Interest to Educators

3. The Fair Use Guidelines

3.1 The Congressional Guidelines
3.2 CONFU (Conference on Fair Use)
3.3 The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Digital Distance Education
3.4 Other Guidelines and Policies

4. Obtaining Permission and Licensing

4.1 Permission Sources
4.2 Licensing Organizations
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5. Citing Sources

6. Copyright Registration

7. Copyright Resources: General Interest

8. Copyright Resources: Higher Education

8.1 Copyright Management Centers
8.2 Copyright Policies and Guides

9. Copyright Resources: K-12

10. Copyright Resources: Libraries

11. Copyright Resources: Legal

12. Copyright Resources: News

13. The Debate Over Copyright Protection in the Digital Age

13.1 Summary of Recent Legislation
13.2 Monitoring Tools: Government
13.3 Monitoring Tools: Copyright User Advocacy Groups
13.4 Monitoring Tools: Copyright Owner Advocacy Groups
13.5 New Copyright Law
13.6 New Directions in Copyright Law

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