Reminders for Attending  Athletic Events

  • Any school age child that is not of High School age will be required to enter events with an adult.  This would include both Middle School and Elementary school age children. (All Home Athletic Events)

  • All students will be expected to sit in the stands to either watch the game or socialize unless using the bathroom or concession stand.  (All Home Athletic Events)

  • High School students may sit in the Student section underneath the Sailor Nation banner. (Sailor Center) For Football events the section is the furthest North Section of Sailor Stadium.

  • Middle School students may sit in the NEW section designated for them in the home side in the top of the bleachers behind the opponents bench.  This is the Northwest corner of the gym. (Sailor Center) For Football games this will be the top section of the Southern section of the homestands.

  • All students are welcome to sit with their adult as well.  (All Events)

  • Mona Shores High School Athletic Staff does have the right to ask for anyone, including students to leave if they cannot adhere to the expectations at an event. (All Events)