Payroll Information

Payroll is on a bi-weekly basis, with paydays every other Friday.  In the event that the payday needs to be changed due to a holiday, a notification will be sent prior to the payday.  Below is a Payroll Schedule for the current fiscal year.

Payroll Schedule

Jury Duty or Court Subpoena

Employees who have been called for jury duty or subpoenaed by the court for school related issues will receive their regular pay for the time absent from work.  Please turn in an absence report for the hours/days normally worked and note jury duty (JD), school business (EX) or court ordered (CT) on the form.

The policy states that when you receive your check from the court you should cash the check and send to payroll a copy of the court check stub with a personal check made payable to Mona Shores School for the amount paid less mileage. This should be done within 30 days of your court date.

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee expenses and mileage are reimbursed through payroll.

Expense Form (January 2024)

Retirement Benefits (Office of Retirement Services)

Visit the Public School Employee Retirement System for the following information:

  • Retirement Plans

  • Link to Access miAccount and Pension Plus Plans

  • Retirement Estimating Tool

  • Retirement Insurance & Disability Benefits

  • Earning and Purchasing Service Credit

  • Tutorials, Webinars & Seminars

  • Forms and Publications

  • Retirement Assistance

or contact the ORS Customer Contact Center at (800) 381-5111.

Employee Forms

Absence Report
Federal Tax Withholding (from IRS web site)
State Withholding Form (from State of Michigan web site)

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