Business Office

Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

The primary focus of the Business Office of Mona Shores Public Schools is responsible management of all district resources to ensure students receive the support required to excel in academics, arts and athletics.  Through fiscal responsibility, students will be provided a safe, secure and physically comfortable teaching and learning environment.  Every day, the decisions made in the Business Office are driven by three core values:


Every fiscal decision is approached by asking the question “what is in the best interest of students?”  Sometimes the choice between what is cost effective or popular and what is best for students can be in conflict.  Integrity is making the right choice not the easy or popular choice.  We define the right choice as what is best for students.


Accountability is to own your decision.  The residents of the district entrust us with their hard-earned tax dollars.  We are accountable to you and appreciate your trust in us.  The fiscal decisions made in the Business Office will focus on receiving the best value for cost, and we are committed to investing and spending wisely.


As the funds received are provided by the public, we believe it is the public’s right to know how those funds are allocated.  Therefore, the Business Office provides budget transparency through multiple resources such as: independent financial audits, budget transparency website, Munetrix and formal budget hearings.

As the Director of Finance, my pledge to you is to operate this office based upon these values.


Robert Jonker
Director of Finance                                                                
Email: Email Robert Jonker
Office Phone:  231-780-4751 ext.8209