About Us

About Ross Park Elementary

Ross Park Elementary is a neighborhood school located within the City of Norton Shores.  We are a Pre-K through grade 5 facility with a full daycare program located within the building.

Our Performance

Each building in the district is graded by the state of Michigan and given a report card, which provides an assessment of several measures of the school’s performance. Ross Park earned a composite grade of “A”. The composite grade is the overall grade for the school, arrived at by combining the following factors: student achievement (attendance, participation, and performance improvement), indicators of school performance (school facilities, attendance, graduation rate), and AYP status (student achievement in English Language Arts and mathematics), which are based on MEAP test results.

Ross Park Highlights

Mona Shores Tuition Preschool

Visit our Preschool Page for more information about registration. Please email Autumn Hazekamp or Amanda Nunez, or call 231-332-8657 with any questions.

M. S. Community Child Care Center 

Housed at Ross Park Elementary, provides year round care for children ages 6 wks. - 12 yrs. old. Limited space available. For further information, please contact our office at (231) 780-6720 or email Autumn Hazekamp.

Green School Project 

The elementary library media centers are continuing the Green School Project (GSP) Empty Cartridge/Cell Phone Recycling Program this school year. Please help us by dropping off your laser and ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges, and cell phones in the collection bin located in the Elementary Library Media Center. This is an easy way to raise additional funds for our Elementary Library Media Centers. It also teaches our students valuable lessons about the variety of materials that can be recycled, along with helping them develop lifelong patterns of recycling.

Lost & Found

It is amazing how quickly our lost and found table contents grow!  Please make sure to check the table and reclaim any items that are your child’s.  We donate any unclaimed items to charity after school closes for the summer.

Indoor Walking

We will not be allowing indoor walking as of now.

Mona Shores Community Services

Call Mona Shores Community Services at (231) 780-4748x8254 or visit our Enrichment page for more information on upcoming student activities!