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Principal's Message​

June 2, 2024

MSMS Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are in our final two weeks  of school.  This year has certainly been an outstanding one, filled with many successes and learning opportunities. I am extremely proud of our students and staff for their hard work, positivity, flexibility, and continued focus making MSMS the best middle school for OUR students!  

Our final character trait of the year is SUCCESS.  As we kick off our final few weeks of the school year, along with the month of June, we will discuss and focus on success!  By definition, success is, “The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame  For me, success is much more than that!  I might suggest a better definition of success from Coach John Wooden.  He says that, “Success is the self-satisfaction of knowing that you did the best that you are capable of doing, to become the best you are capable of becoming.”  If we, and our students, can honestly say that we have given our best effort, regardless of outcome, that is true success.  As we reflect on our year and transition into summer, I would ask our students to continue to focus on giving their best in all that they do and know that their best, regardless of outcome, is true success.  

There are a lot of end-of-year announcements this week.  Please be sure to take a few moments to read through them.


    • CHROMEBOOKS  ||   Leading up to the final week of school, please note that all Mona Shores chromebooks and chargers will need to be returned on the final day of school (Thursday, June 13)  in their 6th hour classes (following their final exam). Failure to return will result in a fine totaling the replacement cost of the device(s) and/or not receiving a chromebook next school year.   

      • NOTE: 8th graders not returning their  chromebook and charger will not receive their updated chromebook when they attend freshman orientation at the High School.

      • NOTE:  Anyone who knows that they will be absent on the final day of school should return their Chromebook and charger on their final day of attendance to Mrs. Mann in the LMC.  

    • LOST & FOUND ITEMS ||  There are a lot of items that will be laid out on tables in front of the cafeteria!  These are from gym classes, lockers, hallways, cafeteria, and anywhere else our young people have left / lost them.  Please encourage them to take a look over the next couple of weeks.

    • MEDICATION PICK UP  ||  All unused / extra medication needs to be picked up prior to the last day of school.  Our offices will be closed due to construction following student dismissal on the last day of school, June 13, so this window is very small.  All medication that is left will be properly disposed of.

  • SUMMER SCHOOL & FAILING GRADES  ||  If your son/daughter will be attending Summer School due to failing grades or incomplete Winter / Spring School, please plan to make arrangements.  Communication (letters & robo calls) will be sent out on Friday, June 14, with Summer School beginning on Tuesday, June 18. Please plan accordingly as needed.

  • 8th GRADE BON VOYAGE  ||  What an amazing turnout!  Over 200 of our 8th graders showed off their dance moves, ate some outstanding food, won prizes, hung out with their friends, and celebrated their three years at MSMS!  It was an outstanding way for us to celebrate with them and launch them off to high school.  See a few pictures in the Weekly Events.

  • WZZM13 TEACHER OF THE YEAR  ||  What an amazing event on Friday!  With the partnership with WZZM13 and the support of all 930 students and 80+ staff members, we announced their first ever Teacher of the Year!!  What an honor and recognition for all of our teachers, for Mona Shores Middle School, our district, and the Mona Shores Community!  While we cannot publicly announce, our students know who it is. :)  The episode will air on the morning of Monday, June 10.

  • PRIDE PASSES UPDATE & CHALLENGE  ||  Our students did it!!  They met the goal of receiving over 5000 PRIDE passes this trimester!!  We are proud of their collective effort, positive behavior, and focus on making good choices.  This week, each grade level will be able to spend an hour outside, playing yard games, and having lunch from the Mona Shores food truck!  Each grade level will have a special day this week! 

    • Monday, June 3 -- 6th Grade

    • Tuesday, June 4 -- 7th Grade

    • Wednesday, June 5 -- 8th Grade

  • RIDE WITH PRIDE ASSEMBLIES  ||  We will be celebrating and doing our final Ride with Pride drawings this week during CREW time. We have identified our finalists at each grade level last week and will announce winners at our assemblies.  We are excited to announce our winners!

  • COUNTING DAYS...OR MAKING DAYS COUNT?  ||  As we move through the days and weeks ahead, students and staff will continually be reminded not to count days, but to rather make the days count.  We have a limited number of days left to strengthen relationships, be with our classmates and teachers, and build upon our successes.  Please continue to encourage your student(s) to make the closing days the best that they can.

I am encouraged and excited by the partnership that we continue to have between MSMS, our parents, and community!   I am grateful for the year we have had.  Together, we will continue to focus on academic and behavioral successes, along with building positive character traits, for every student through the remainder of the school year.  

I hope you all have a successful week!


Doug Ammeraal


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MSMS FOCUS:  Culture  ||  Curriculum  ||  Literacy  ||  Effective Instruction  ||  MTSS