The staff of Mona Shores Middle School looks forward to working with you and your child as you progress through these very important educational years. It is always our goal to provide your child with an excellent education in a safe environment. You are our partner in this important endeavor and we welcome you to the Mona Shores family.

Please be aware that your child may not attend class until the proper documentation is on file with our school.

Initial Enrollment Requirements

Parents/Guardians enrolling students in Mona Shores Middle School MUST provide the following documentation prior to enrollment:

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE (original county clerk birth certificate)


  • PROOF OF RESIDENCE (for proper documentation, please call Ms. Netzler @ ext.#8592)

  • MOST RECENT REPORT CARD (from previous school)

For children to be successful in school, parents must be actively engaged in their children's learning. Many studies show that parents' involvement in school is more important to their children's academic success than the parents' level of education or income. By showing interest in their children's education, parents can spark their children's enthusiasm, showing them that learning, both inside and outside of school, is enjoyable and rewarding.

Parents can help children succeed by participating in school or other learning activities, reading with their children, assisting with homework assignments, and talking with their children's teachers. Parents can share the goals they have for their children with teachers to make sure that teachers hold all students to high standards of performance.

Brochure: Helping Your Child Succeed in Schoo