Bullying Policy

Bullying is prohibited. Bullying is a form of harassment. For the purposes of this policy, “bullying” is defined as “The repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, or through attacks on the property of another. It may include, but not be limited to, actions such as verbal taunts, name-calling and put-downs, including ethnically-based or gender-based verbal put-downs, extortion of money or possessions, and exclusion from peer groups within school.” Such conduct is disruptive of the education process and, therefore, bullying is not acceptable behavior in this district, and is prohibited.

Students who engage in any act of bullying while at school, at any school function, in connection to or with any district sponsored activity or event, or while in route to or from school are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion. As may be required by law, law
enforcement officials may be notified of bullying incidents.

The superintendent shall develop administrative regulations and programs that will increase awareness of the problem of bullying, and train teachers and other staff to effectively intervene if bullying is witnessed in their presence or brought to their attention. In designing administrative regulations and anti-bullying programs or strategies, the superintendent should consult with the greater school community, including students.

This policy shall not be interpreted to prohibit a reasoned and civil exchange of opinions, or debate, that is protected by state or Federal law. 

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