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Current Events

30 October 2022

Marching Band Announcements

Hoping you enjoyed this beautiful weekend!  Happy Halloween!  Here are announcements: 

  • Tuesday Night (1 November) is the Fall Band Spectacular.  Students should arrive at 6:00pm to change into uniforms (guard will wear halftime uniforms).  The performance will take place in Sailor Center (the large gym on the west side of the building) and begin at 7:00pm.  It is free of charge.  The performance features both the 7th and 8th grade bands combined and a fantastic standstill performance of the marching band.  The performance should be over by 7:45pm.

  • Please make sure to have concert season instruments and music starting this week Wednesday.

  • "Remember Ryan" bracelets are available for $5 from Mr. Boyden.  Proceeds will benefit our Robotics team in Ryan Leany's memory.

  • We will be traveling to Forest Hills Central this coming Friday for the second round of Football playoffs.

    • Please wear informal uniforms and gray band shirts.  You may bring jackets and hats (Sailor gear preferred but not required) if it is cold.  You may wear whatever footwear you want.

    • We will not be marching at halftime.  We will be performing in the stands.

      • For this reason (and for this game only), attendance for color guard members is encouraged but not mandatory.  We would love to have you cheer with us, but since we can't perform, it is not required for you to attend. 

Please be aware that Playoff games for the football post-season are required for all marching band members.  The process for requesting an excused absence is the same as for other performances, and must be communicated at least two weeks in advance of the performance for consideration.  If you anticipate a conflict (including with the day after Thanksgiving if the football team makes it all the way to state finals), I would urge you to communicate it as soon as possible.

Middle School Bands

The Mona Shores Middle School Band program commits to maintaining high musical excellence through meaningful instruction while providing a supportive and positive community for all members. Here you will find information on our middle school band program including 6th-8th grade band and percussion. 


Middle School Band Calendar