Welcome to the High School Testing Center 

The testing center was established during the 2011-2012 school in order to provide students with a universally designed testing environment that supports the accommodation needs of all learners.

Types of Accomodations

The testing center is designed to support all students, regardless of ability or disability.  Accommodations available in the testing center include the following:

  • Tests read aloud for those with learning disabilities

  • Ability to type vs.handwrite a test for those with dysgraphia or motor impairments.

  • Ability to magnify, change fonts, or invert colors of text for those with low vision.

  • Low stimulation testing environment for those with anxiety or attention struggles

  • Additional time for those with anxiety or information processing difficulties


  • Over 25% of the Mona Shores High School student population utilized the testing center during the 2011-2012 school year.

  • Implementation of the testing center saved the district approximately $9000.00 over traditional testing accommodation methods.

  • Nearly 60% more students were able to benefit from testing accommodations than would have with traditional testing accommodation methods.


A single paraprofessional staffs the testing center and serves as its proctor.

Tests are housed in a password protected drive on the district's server and in password protected folders for an additional level of security.

The Testing Center primarily utilizes Worksheet Wizard software.

Worksheet Wizard is part of the Premier Literacy Suite provided FREE to the district through a grant from the

Contact for Testing Center Information

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Jennifer Bustard

1875 total test taken, 686 total students served, 2.733236, 187.5 average number of test administrated per month

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