Advanced Placement (AP) Class Information

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the high school.  We are proud to share that the AP program at Mona Shores High School is in the top twenty in the state.  A total of 20 courses and exams across 6 subject areas are currently offered.

AP Class Information

There are many AP classes offered at Mona Shores. Contact Kent Higgs, Assistant Principal, at 780-4711 extension 8494 to learn more about AP Classes.

When students take the corresponding AP exam, they can earn college credit. AP courses allow students to develop study habits, improve writing skills, and sharpen their problem-solving techniques as they prepare for the rigor of higher education.  A University of Texas study shows that students who take AP courses along with the AP exam, on average have a 30% better chance of completing their college course work in five years as opposed to those who do not take AP cours

Why enroll in AP Classes?

AP Registration and Testing

Registration for AP classes is done in January/February for the next school year. The AP Testing  occurs around May 1 - 12. The students in these classes will be contacted during the month of March about registration for these tests.