Ross Park Families-

This is such an exciting time! Soon you will start to see the sights and sounds of the three year construction project getting underway. The purpose of this communication is to give an overview of the entire project and the phasing of when each project will take place. We have worked to minimize the disruptions to the classrooms during the school year as much as possible, and will communicate throughout regarding changes to drop off sites, construction fences, and demolition, among other things. As with any construction project, this phasing may need to be adjusted as the project progresses.

Phase One: Began April 1, 2021

Phase Two: Began June 12, 2021

Phase Three: Began Fall 2021


We look forward to this adventure with all of you, and will continue to communicate and share pictures of progress throughout the project.  We are so thankful for the support that our community has provided our students. That support has created this opportunity to overhaul Ross Park into what will look and feel like a brand new elementary school when the work is complete!

If you have questions at any time during this exciting 3 years please reach out Principal Eve Mills or Superintendent Bill O’Brien. We are happy to answer questions anytime.