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MAY 31, 2020  ||  COVID-19 Update


MSMS Families,  


As we move into the final full week of this historic 2019-2020 school year, we continue to encourage each other (students, families, teachers) to finish the year off strong, stay positive, and complete the year to the best of our ability.  I know that we will support our students and find ways to transition back into a ‘normal’ summer. 


Please take a few moments to read through these reminders as we wrap up the final days of the school year.


LOCKERS  || UPDATE  --  Following the Governor’s latest expectations and communicating with Mr. O’Brien, we have settled on our clean out dates and times. I will communicate out additional details in a separate communication later this week but here are the basics:

8th GRADE  ||  Tuesday, June 9

6th and 7th GRADE  ||  Thursday, June 11 

Time slots will be determined by 1st hour teachers

No more than 10 students in a hallway

Students will need gloves (we can provide), mask/cover, and bag for items


MEDICATION PICK UP  ||  We will set up a date/time within the next two weeks  to have staff on hand to pick up any meds from the office.  Please stay tuned for those details. 


ACADEMIC LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES  ||  REMINDER  --  Please note the two items below.

STUDENT ACADEMICS  --  Here is the link to the Distance Learning Plan, for your reference.  

ONLINE MSMS WEEBLY  -- PLEASE continue using our Mona Shores Middle School Online Academic & Wellness Resources as a single resource for academic expectations, wellness resources, and counselor connections.


END OF YEAR SCHEDULES  ||  This will be our final week of traditional instruction.  In coordination with our elementary buildings, we will be completing our academics this week.  The final 3 days (June 8, 9, and 10) will be dedicated to completing / submitting any final work and making those final end-of-year connections with teachers. 


AWARDS  ||  We will be sharing/announcing our Attendance and Sailor Pride awards (based on Trimesters 1 and 2)  NEXT WEEK in our final communication.  We will also have our Citizenship Award winners.  Additionally, our 8th graders will receive a special video made to celebrate their impact and success at MSMS..


Stay positive.  Support each other.  Maintain hope.  As SAILORS, we will finish strong!

Doug Ammeraal  | Principal
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