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April 8, 2019


Mona Shores Middle School Families,


It’s hard to believe that Spring Break has come and gone!  I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable for the entire family, regardless of where you were, and that you are now ready for the final ten weeks of the school year. Reflecting back on March, I continue to be proud of the dedication our teachers have to the art of teaching and for the commitment they display in supporting our students academic and behavioral successes here at MSMS.  Our students continue to positively receive that high quality instruction from their teachers and are putting forth great effort into their educational success. We are proud of this group of students! Academically, they are taking ownership of their academic success by pushing themselves to complete assignments, prepare for assessments, and engage themselves in class. This past trimester, which concluded in the middle of March, only 4% of all posted grades were failing and over 94% of students had ALL As, Bs, and Cs.  These percentages were right in line with our first trimester and stronger than the past two years.  I believe that our students will continue to step up, refocus, and maintain the standard of Sailor excellence.  I know that MSMS teachers, administrators, and parents will continue to support, encourage, and strive towards helping our students achieve their highest levels of success.  This collective focus on success is propelling MSMS to be the best MIddle School in America.  


Our Character Trait for the month of April is DISCIPLINED.  By definition, DISCIPLINED is “showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.”  Throughout our day, our week, month, or year, we encounter situations, people, or circumstances that challenge our focus and abilities to remain DISCIPLINED.   Do we choose to to correct behaviors?  Do we choose to get our work done or go outside to play?  Do we complete tasks or leave them unfinished? Are we procrastinators and give up, or do we get things done on time and stick-to-it?  Do we set high expectations for ourselves and stay focused on meeting them. How will we stay DISCIPLINED in our relationships, behaviors, tasks, and work ethic?  As John Maxwell said, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”  Remaining DISCIPLINED and focused leads to success!   Throughout the month, know that your students will be challenged to stay DISCIPLINED in both their academics, behavior, and effort at MSMS!


Doug Ammeraal  | Principal


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