Sailor Science Sequence

What courses should you take? This flowchart is a guide as you plan your four years at Mona Shores.  We have a diverse and rigorous curriculum that includes 4 AP courses and many electives.

Science Flow Chart Class of '18 (2)

       * All students must earn 3 science credits 

                                New & Noteworthy

We are excited to be entering into a Professional Development Partnership with the Van Andel Education Institute, a division of the Van Andel Institute, a world renowned scientific research center in the heart of the Medical Mile in downtown Grand Rapids.  All Mona Shores science teachers from grades 6-12 will be working with Van Andel on a model of scientific investigation and inquiry that will benefit every student in our district at the secondary level.  

                VanAndel Presentation

                               Science is S.I.M.P.L.E.

In an effort to help our students succeed on the Science Reasoning portion of the Explore, PLAN and ACT tests, our department sat down to take the tests ourselves.  This exercise reminded us of the rigor of these tests and helped us define the strategies we used to answer the questions successfully.  We compiled our strategies and created an acronym to help students efficiently analyze data found in the passages and increase their scores.

          SIMPLESeptember 10, 2014