Welcome to our Sailor Science Department!

Our department has an outstanding faculty that is dedicated to helping our students build a foundation in science that is second to none.  Follow the links below to learn more.

Preparing Today's Students

Explore our diverse course offerings, stay up to date on department happenings, and discover how we have increased our Science Reasoning scores on the EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT with our own unique acronym.

Celebrating Sailor Science Alumni

Find out who our top Sailor Science students of the past have been, see the impressive list of schools where our students have studied science, and read some amazing alumni success stories. 

Science Department Faculty




 Jennifer Adams  Biology, AP Biology     8371
 Sara Bronsema  Astronomy, Physical Science     8435
 Sara Busken  Chemistry, Ecology     8355
 Jennifer Fett  Physical Science     8331
 Sheila Hunt  Biology, Honors Biology, Physical Science     8427
 William Lent  Physics, AP Physics     8431
 Chad Martin  Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry     8354
 Marc Miedema  Chemistry, AP Environmental Science     8326
 Mary Poort  Biology     8425
 DeAnna Smalligan  Anatomy, Biology     8359