Migrate Data from a Mona Shores Google Account to a Personal Account

Graduating seniors and students/staff leaving the district often would like to still have access to the data and documents that they have accumulated in the Mona Shores Google account. There are ways to get the information you want transferred over to a personal Google Account before leaving Mona Shores.

How to Transfer Google Drive Documents, Contacts, and More

  • Log in to your existing Mona Shores Google account
  • Visit Google Takeout Directions to create an archive of your account data
  • Download the archive (this archive may be large depending on how much work you have; you are able to choose where the archive is saved or it can be emailed to you)
  • Create a new personal Google account or log in to your existing personal Google account
  • All Google Drive archives can be re-uploaded to your personal account, contacts can be imported to the new account, and other information imported or uploaded to the new account.  Be sure you do the import in a timely manner as the downloads are only available for a short period of time, unless you save the download somewhere prior to that expiration date.