Master Facility Plans

Bond, Sinking, & Technology Fund Transparency

Mona Shores Public Schools utilizes 3 funding sources to address our facilities, sites, operations, and technology needs.  Each of these funding sources are essential to help provide suitable teaching and learning environments for our staff, faculty, students, and community.  Listed below are the 3 funding sources:

  • Muskegon County Technology Millage
  • Mona  Shores Public Schools Sinking Fund Renewal
  • Mona Shores Public Schools Bond, Debt Levy

Please click on the document links below to help “Tell the Story” of how we will enhance our facilities and operations to provide safe, secure, and physically comfortable teaching and learning environments based on fiscal responsibility.

As stated in our District Strategic Plan, Mona Shores Public Schools will continue to be the premier PreK - 12 educational destination in the county, state, and nation by improving our aging facilities and sites.

The History

Our district has 6 buildings, built in the 1950’s and 1960’s, that are aging.  The Mona Shores Board of Education hired, TowerPinkster, an architectural firm with a team of engineers, to conduct a comprehensive facility assessment.  Based on the results of this assessment, a plan was introduced to remodel and upgrade our existing buildings rather than demolish and build new facilities. In 2013, a Facility Advisory group, consisting of 63 community members, narrowed the focus of how our District would best fund these projects.  A long term plan was developed to fund the upgrades and remodeling of our facilities and sites, focusing the improvements in the areas of academics, arts, and athletics.

The purpose of this study is to provide a baseline benchmark for determining a comprehensive facilities plan for at least the next 15 years.  In the fall of 2013, the Mona Shores Board of Education hired TowerPinkster and their team of engineers to provide a facilities assessment for each building and site in the school district.

PDF DocumentFacilities Assessment Plan (Study)

The 3 Phase Process

Phase 1:  Renewal of Sinking Fund

  • November of 2014 (Success)

Phase 2:  .75 millage increase to address highest priorities - Warm, Safe, &  Dry

  • November of 2015 (Successful proposal after failed attempt in May)

Phase 3:  Final phase, addressing completion of facility assessment plan and preparing Mona Shores Public Schools for 21st century facilities and sites

  • Projected - May 8, 2018
  • Bond proposal knowing we have 5.8 mills that expire in 2019
  • Potential of 80+ million without increasing our debt levy

Phase 3, Planning Ahead...What's Next?

The Process for Communication & Decision Making

The Comparisons

How does our debt levy  compare to other districts?

PDF DocumentLocal Districts - 12 Year Bond Rate Comparison Chart

The Budgets & Projects

Each budget is “Live” and will continue to be updated, revised, and adapted as the process for communication and decision making evolves.

PDF DocumentBond Projects

Google DocBond Fund Budget Spreadsheet 

Google DocSinking Fund Budget Spreadsheet

Google DocTechnology Fund Budget Spreadsheet

The Accountability Partners & Schedule for Bonds

The Drawings


PDF DocumentMiddle School Parking Lot

PDF DocumentChurchill Elementary Playground

PDF DocumentRoss Park Elementary Playground


Coming Soon...

Campbell Elementary Playground

Lincoln Park Elementary Playground

The Results

The purpose of this digital gallery is to show artifacts and evidence of before, during, and after results of our projects.