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Parents often ask for options available for speech therapy. The speech pathologist may provide suggestions and activities to parents to do in the home.  Activities done in the home are an integral part to increase the child’s speech and /or language development.  The therapist is available as your guide and partner in your child’s speech and language development.

Speech and language services include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders which adversely affect a child's educational performance. An evaluation of speech skills may include articulation, voice, fluency, and oral motor skills. Language assessment may involve receptive and/or expressive language, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. 

The mission of Mona Shores Public Schools Speech and Language Services is to provide comprehensive services for the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention of communication disabilities related to educational success, in accordance with federal and state regulations.  Depending on the nature and severity of the disorder, remediation strategies may consist of direct individual or group therapy, services integrated in the regular classroom or indirect services through monitoring or consultation with the classroom and/or special education teacher.  Services are individualized for each student, are based on the student's total educational program, and take into account the range of ability and performance of students within the school setting from birth through high school. Decisions regarding particular service delivery models are based on a variety of factors including the type and/or severity of the weakness, its impact on the student’s ability to access the curriculum and/or effectively navigate through meaningful social interactions, and integration of services with educational experiences. 

The goal of Mona Shores Public Schools Speech and Language Services is to develop oral communication skills that are the underpinnings of the curriculum in order to promote student success.  The speech-language service, part of school-based teams, is an itinerant program in which Speech-Language Pathologists travel among schools and centers not only to meet the needs of those populations, but also to capitalize on the specific skill sets, expertise, and specialized training possessed by each individual professional.  The focus of Speech-Language Pathologists in our schools is to facilitate the development of effective and efficient communication skills so that students may participate as fully as possible in educational, social, and vocational interactions.

Below are some helpful resources and professional organizations which may assist you with your child's speech and language development.

Home Speech Sound Practice  

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Home Language Practice

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Typical Speech and Language Developmental Milestones

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Games and Activities

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Summer Speech and Language Therapy Resources

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Professional Resources

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