Special Education Services

(also known as Itinerant Services)

Mona Shores Public Schools provides ancillary and other related services for students. Some staff primarily serve as members of the diagnostic Student Assistance Team while others may provide direct support to the student. Services that may be provided for students are determined through the Individualized Education Program (IEP). All support staff may be part of a student’s eligibility and/or IEP.  Services that the district provide include:

School Psychology

The school psychologist evaluates students’ intelligence, cognitive processing, executive functioning, behavioral/social-emotional and achievement performance. The school psychologist analyzes assessment results to review impact on educational progress and assist identifying areas of student need. The school psychologist assists teams with academic and behavioral/social-emotional supports for students.

School Social Worker

The school social worker may evaluate a student’s social and emotional adjustment. School social workers in Mona Shores Public Schools only provide direct support to students eligible as special education. Goals that are most often written on IEPs that require social work support, are related to social, emotional or school adjustment problems. School social workers serve as resource persons to educational staff, students and parents in providing problem solving techniques; acting as a liaison between the school, home and community while coordinating and developing community resources. School Social Workers also take a leadership role in the development of student behavior plans.

Speech and Language

The speech and language provider evaluates students who may qualify for special education programs and services due to a disability in the areas of language development, articulation, voice, and fluency. Speech and language providers provide instructional support to students and are involved with helping students with augmentative communication. Speech and language providers also consult with educational staff, parents, and community agencies relating to speech and other communication disorders.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist works with students who need individual exercises or adaptations for coordination of fine motor and perceptual motor problems. As well as direct support, the occupational therapist may help other professional or paraprofessional staff members support the student on a daily basis. The support provided by the occupational therapist must support the student to meet success in the educational environment.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist evaluates and provides treatment for students who need treatment for gross motor control, basic mobility, and balance. The physical therapist helps the staff who work with the student on a daily basis to understand the student’s physical capabilities and limitations. Training may include assisting a student with the use of adaptive equipment or instructing staff about the safe way to lift or transfer a student. Physical therapy services are based on a prescription from a physician. Activities supported through physical therapy have educational relevance.

Staff Directory & Resource Pages

Please note that these staff members often work in multiple buildings and may not be immediately available by phone.  Please leave them a message and they will return your phone call or email promptly.

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