Special Education Programs & Academic Support  


Early-On Program

Early-On Program is a special education program for infants from birth to three years of age. Staff members provide services to these children to facilitate reaching their optimal level of educational functioning. The staff members include an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, School Social Worker and a Speech and Language Provider. Together, these professionals provide an educational program that will prepare each child to succeed in school.

Early Childhood Special Education Programs

Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSE) is an intensive preschool program established to provide support to children with a variety of identified special needs. The students range in age from three to six years. The program provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum with opportunities for "hands on" experiences, social interactions, and active engagement in the learning process. The ECSE classroom meets four days per week for three hours. There can be as many as twelve children in attendance. A Teacher of Early Childhood Special Education provides primary instruction with the assistance of a paraprofessional. A Speech and Language Provider, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Social Worker and School Psychologist may provide additional support. To support parent participation and education, group meetings are scheduled as well as a provision for extensive home /school communication systems.

Preschool Speech and Language

Some students who are eligible for special education, between the ages of three to five, may be eligible for support from a speech and language pathologist to address specific speech and language needs. Staff and parents at the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meeting will discuss options for preschool speech.

K-12 Continuum of Programs and Services

The programming options listed below are in order from the least to the most restrictive.

Teacher Consultant Services

Special Education students are enrolled in general education classes with the support of a certified Teacher Consultant. The Teacher Consultant works with the general education teacher to help make accommodations for the student. The Teacher Consultant provides direct support to instructional staff while providing consultative or direct support to students.

Special Education Resource Programs

Eligible students are enrolled in general education for the majority of their day. A Special Education Teacher for the remainder of the school day provides direct instructional support to the student in areas of identified need. The Special Education Teacher in the resource program will instruct and grade students in the areas of weakness as well as provide consultation to the student’s general education teacher. Resource Programs are available to all school-aged children within the district. However, elementary Resource Programs are located at Campbell, Churchill and Lincoln Park.

Special Education Classroom Programs

For students who require more extensive special education support, self-contained classrooms are available. Self-contained classrooms provide up to full-time special education support for students. Students participate with non-handicapped peers in all areas deemed appropriate by the IEP.