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  Stan Bode Award

Named for a beloved physics teacher who lost his battle with cancer, this award goes to the senior who has earned the highest grades in the most science classes.

1980-John DeMarco 1990-Kristen Crouch 2000-Brett Duiser
           David Demos
2010- Cindy Lee
1981-Lori Anderson 1991-Kathleen Gingras
           Adrian Das
2001-Josh Skodack 2011- Ki-Joo Sung
1982-Paul Mudgett 1992-Jeffrey Janes 2002-Justin Langlois 2012- Brigid Kiley
1983-Steven Carr 1993-Nathan Adams 2003-Arun Gupta
           Joey Burgham

2013- Josh Recknagel
            Serena Gale-Butto

1984-Richard Paparella 1994-Christopher Porter 2004- Tom Welch 2014- Chandler Mancuso
1985-Kristin Keidel 1995-Cheryl Myler 2005-Jack Kiley 2015-
1986-Michael Hylland 1996-Nicole Crawford 2006- Brendan Kiley  
1987-James Cody 1997-Erhan Sekercioglu 2007- Jeremy Nash  
1988-Dustin Tyler 1998-Scott Akker 2008- Emily Blythe
            Will Ferriby
1989-Ben Hylland 1999-Brian Emmer 2009- Andrew Sung  


Awe Inspiring Alumni

Mona Shores has long celebrated a tradition of excellence in the classroom, but the true measure of our success is more than just an accumulation of test scores and performances.  It is how well we prepare our students for life after graduation, and the culmination of experiences at Mona Shores, when merged with strong community support and a personal drive to succeed, leads to extraordinary results. As a department, we are incredibly proud when one of our own accomplishes their dreams, and their endeavors should be shared and celebrated, and so it is with great Sailor Pride that we share the successes of our most decorated Sailor Science alumni.  

If you know of other alumni who deserve to be recognized for excellence in their field or if you would like to help grow this recognition program, please contact Jennifer Adams at Mona Shores High School, (231)780-4711 ext.8371, adamsje@monashores.net

Dr. Sheri Holmen '91 

Associate Professor, Departments of Surgery and Oncological Sciences, University of Utah and Investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


Dr. Bryce Carlson '99

Tenure-track Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Purdue University


Emily Blythe '08

PhD Student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at CalTech