Associates Degree in Business, Muskegon Community College

B.A. in Social Work, Michigan State University

M.A. in School Counseling, Western Michigan University

School Counselor License

Nationally Certified Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor


231-759-8506 x8594


As a counselor, I am responsible for the counseling needs of students with the last name starting with the letter L-Z.  The other counselor, Mrs. Opiela, and I have divided students this way rather than by grade because we can then work with our students throughout their entire middle school career for the purpose of developing long term relationships and consistency. 

As counselors, we wear many hats.  We work with students one-on-one on issues dealing with both academic and personal concerns.  We also have small groups that meet on topics such as anger management, grief and loss, friendship and divorce.  In addition, we work with students on scheduling and career exploration.  We also spend time in the classroom getting to know students and exploring topics such as career exploration and scheduling. 

We also collaborate with our administrators, our parents, and our teaching staff.  We work as a team for the purpose of helping our students be successful in all areas of their lives.