August 19, 2021

Bus Driver Sign-on Bonus

A Message from our Operations/Transportation Department:

Effective today (8-19-2021) through TBD, Mona Shores will now offer a ( $2500 ) sign-on bonus to anyone who is currently being trained and tested or is new to the district as a driver for the 2021-2022 school year. The "finders" fee will remain at ($500) should the new person be recommended by a Mona Shores employee.

This ($2500) bonus only applies to new drivers and will require a 90 "working day" period before any dollars are paid out. The original ($500) bonus still applies to any new bus aide coming to work for Mona Shores Public Schools.

This one time "sign on" bonus may be reduced or eliminated when the transportation staffing levels reach an adequate level of drivers and substitutes.

This increase shows the commitment of our administrative team to help us attract and retain great employees to safely transport the staff and students of Mona Shores Public Schools. Thank You!