Message from the Principal

Happy New Year Ross Park Families!

It is exciting to see all our Super Sailors back this week, rested and ready to learn. I hope that the holiday break was rejuvenating and relaxing for all!  

I am pleased to share that over 85% of our students at Ross Park Elementary School continue to have had no major discipline referrals since the start of the school year.  This is incredible data in which all students, staff, and families can truly celebrate!

As was shared in the fall, at Ross Park, we take a positive and restorative approach to behavior management at school through the teachings of the Super Sailor expectations.  All students are taught to be Kind, Respectful, Safe and Responsible throughout the school environment. This week, I will be meeting with individual grade levels to review these expectations with all students as we transition back from the break.

Here are some of the ways we continue to promote positive behavior at Ross Park:

Super Sailor Slips: ​­Certificates given to individual students by staff members for demonstrating positive behavior. Weekly classroom drawings and monthly school wide drawings for prizes are held as rewards.

Super Crew Awards: ​­Certificates awarded by staff members to entire classrooms for demonstrating positive behavior.  Classrooms that earn ten Crew Awards in a month get to participate in our School Wide Celebrations.

Monthly Positive Behavior Celebrations: ­​Special activities in which all students in the school participate. Our school leadership team designs the celebrations throughout the year.

Within the next weeks, teachers and I will continue to review and model the behavioral expectations for all areas within our school. Be sure to ask your child to share the ways in which he or she can demonstrate being a Super Sailor at school and at home too. Together we can continue to promote positive behavior for all students at Ross Park!


Eve Mills, Principal