Message from the Principal

Dear Super Sailor Families,

Student safety is my top priority as your child’s principal.  There is nothing more important to me, not only as an educational leader, but also as a parent myself, to ensure that all staff and students at Ross Park are as protected and prepared as we can be in light of an emergency situation.

Some ways that we practice and prepare for emergencies situations at Ross Park include conducting a minimum of five fire drills, severe weather drills, and shelter-in-place drills throughout our year.  We also conduct a minimum of three lock down drills throughout the year in collaboration with the Norton Shores Police Department.  After each lockdown drill the NSPD debriefs with our school emergency team and myself, to identify any factors that need to be corrected in future drill situations.  I am pleased to share that our NSPD continues to report that Ross Park drills are conducted in an exemplary manner.  

Part of ensuring that our students and staff remain safe while at school requires help on your part too. To do this I need your cooperation with the following points:

· When entering the building, always sign in and get a visitor’s badge in the main office.  This allows all staff and students to know that you are cleared to enter.  If you are not wearing a pass, you will be directed to the office to sign in.

· Only enter the building through the main office entrance unless dropping off a child to daycare.  

· Complete the required  i-chat/background check in order to volunteer at school.

· When in the parking lot, never pass a vehicle, yield to all children crossing, and practice courtesy towards other drivers.

Thank you for your partnership with Ross Park in keeping all students and staff safe!  


Eve Mills, Principal