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May 28, 2017


MSMS Families,


It’s hard to believe that we are in our final two-and-a-half weeks of school.  This year has certainly been outstanding, filled with many successes and failures - learning opportunities. I am extremely proud of our students and staff for their grit, positivity, and continued focus making MSMS the best middle school in America!  


Our final character trait of the year is SUCCESS.  As we kick off our final few weeks of the school year, along with the month of June, we will discuss and focus on SUCCESS!  By definition, success is, “The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame”  For me, success is much more than that!  I might suggest a better definition of success from Coach John Wooden.  He says that, “Success is the self-satisfaction of knowing that you did the best that you are capable of doing, to become the best you are capable of becoming.”  If we, and our students, can honestly say that we have given our best effort, regardless of outcome, that is true success.  As we reflect on our year and transition into summer, I would ask our students to continue to focus on giving their best in all that they do and know that their best, regardless of outcome, is true success.  


MASTER FACILITY PLAN -- If you would like to keep up with the Bond, Sinking Fund, and Technology millage, check out the Master Facility Plans tab on our Mona Shores website.  It provides a lot of great resources, communication, transparency, and updates.  As we move towards May of 2018, this will become an amazing resource to learn, understand, and have questions answered.

SUMMER WORK -- As we move into summer, there will be four projects from the Warm, Safe, Dry campaign.  This includes new facia and soffit around the outside of the building, an updated security vestibule in the front entrance, and new wall tiles in three of the four main hallways.  Know that our building will be closed for most of the summer months due to all of the construction.  

FINISH STRONG -- We will be reminding and encouraging our students, over the final couple of weeks, to finish their year off strong.  We will encourage them to stay focused and reach those high levels of academic and behavioral success.  Please do the same at home.


I am encouraged and excited by the partnership that continues to grow between MSMS, our parents, and community!   Together, we will continue to focus on academic and behavioral successes, along with building positive character traits, for every student.  I hope you all have a successful week and summer!


Doug Ammeraal



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