Principal's Message‚Äč


November 4, 2018


Sailor Families,


What a phenomenal week at MSMS!  Halloween was a success, our athletic teams were successful, our music programs shined, and the teaching and learning continued at high levels!  Truly, it was a great week! Concluding the month of October (Engagement) and moving into November (Gratitude), I anticipate this to be an outstanding month for our students and our staff.  


Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”  This month, we will build on and remind our students what it is to be grateful, to show gratitude.  Often, gratitude comes out when we truly shift our focus to all of the positives that we have in life; our eyes need to be opened to see all that we’ve been blessed with.  Since the start of the new school year, many conversations with teachers and staff members have fed into a discussion of grateful we are to be at grateful we are to work with such phenomenal grateful we are to come to school every day and do what we are passionate grateful we are to team with such wonderful parents.  Please allow me to send a heartfelt note of gratitude, on behalf of our entire staff.  Thank you for allowing us to work with your children every single day; we are truly grateful for the opportunity!



Doug Ammeraal -- Principal

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