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April 8, 2017


Mona Shores Middle School Families,


It’s hard to believe that Spring Break has come and gone!  I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable for the entire family, regardless of where you were, and that you are now ready for the final ten weeks of the school year. Reflecting back on March, I continue to be proud of the dedication our teachers have to the art of teaching and for the commitment they display in supporting our students academic and behavioral successes here at MSMS.  Our students continue to positively receive that high quality instruction from their teachers and are putting forth great effort into their educational success. We are proud of this group of students! Academically, they are taking ownership of their academic success by pushing themselves to complete assignments, prepare for assessments, and engage themselves in class. This past trimester, which concluded in the middle of March, only 5% of all posted grades were failing and over 93% of students had ALL As, Bs, and Cs.  These percentages were right in line with our first trimester and stronger than the past two years.  I believe that our students will continue to step up, refocus, and maintain the standard of Sailor excellence.  I know that MSMS teachers, administrators, and parents will continue to support, encourage, and strive towards helping our students achieve their highest levels of success.  This collective focus on success is propelling MSMS to be the best MIddle School in America.  


Our Character Trait for the month of April is DISCIPLINED.  By definition, DISCIPLINED is “showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.”  Throughout our day, our week, month, or year, we encounter situations, people, or circumstances that challenge our focus and abilities to remain DISCIPLINED.   Do we choose to to correct behaviors?  Do we choose to get our work done or go outside to play?  Do we complete tasks or leave them unfinished? Are we procrastinators and give up, or do we get things done on time and stick-to-it?  Do we set high expectations for ourselves and stay focused on meeting them. How will we stay DISCIPLINED in our relationships, behaviors, tasks, and work ethic?  As John Maxwell said, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”  Remaining DISCIPLINED and focused leads to success!   Throughout the month, know that your students will be challenged to stay DISCIPLINED in both their academics, behavior, and effort at MSMS!


Here are a few announcements as we head into a new week...

MORNING DROP OFF --  We have fielded a variety of concerns pertaining to parents that are parking in the Drop Zone in the morning (our highest volume time) and then waiting until 7:30 to have to have their students get out and head into the building.  IF you are waiting with your student until 7:30 and want to park, PLEASE use the parking spots in the south or east lots.  This will allow our traffic in our Drop Zones - meant to be quick and efficient - to move as smoothly as possible in the mornings.

5th GRADE VISITS -- Upon return from break, our 5th grade transition will begin.  The Middle School Administrators and Counselors will visit the Elementary buildings in the next two weeks and begin laying the foundation and building excitement for the class of 2025.  Then, on two separate days in May, the 5th graders will come to MSMS for a tour, visit classrooms/teachers, hear our expectations, and have lunch in the cafeteria. We are extremely excited to welcome the new group of Sailors to MSMS!

M-STEP -- Please know that regardless of the test name or time of year, we will continue our focus on high quality instruction, literacy, depth of knowledge questioning, critical thinking, and technology enhancement within all of our lessons; we will continue to encourage our students to give their best effort!  8th grade will be testing over the next three weeks. 6h and 7th grade will test in May.  I am confident that it will go smoothly for our students and we will be back to classroom instruction and thinking in no time.

ARTICLE -- I wanted to pass along this article link,  Me, myself, and iPhone.  It gives some perspective on the impact the cellphones can/are having on our students and their mental well-being.

REMINDER: SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCE FOR PARENTS-- Parents, given the time of year, I wanted to bring your attention back to a new link on our website.  It is an online resource for all of the popular social media apps that our students are using! There are over 60 links for educating ourselves on the trending apps and helping keep our students safe.  Please visit our Social Media Resources link on our MSMS webpage.  You can also visit Protect Young Eyes.


As you move through April and into Spring, please continue to remind and have conversations with your students about remaining and being DISCIPLINED.  Discuss how they can demonstrate and be DISCIPLINED in their actions and mindsets with academics, behaviors, peer interactions, and adult conversations!  I believe this will propel them to finish the year off strong!


Have a great week!  Continue to positively encourage your students, support them, and communicate with their teachers when you need help, clarification, or simply an update on their progress towards success.  


Doug Ammeraal



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