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February 3, 2019


MSMS Families,


As we conclude the snowy, COLD month of January, I am grateful for such an outstanding start to 2019 at Mona Shores Middle School! Our teachers continue to deliver engaging, quality lessons to our students, challenging them to reach their personal best in every situation.  Our students continue to achieve high levels of academic and behavioral success. I am proud of both of their efforts!  There is such value in a shared commitment to being the absolute best that we can be, every day, in every situation is evident at MSMS.  We are truly striving to build the highest level of character and success within each of our students and in ourselves!


Moving into February, MSMS will be focused on Compassion.  While there are many different definitions of compassion, the one that jumps out to me is, “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it..”  As we move into our Month of Caring at MSMS, we challenge and remind our students, and ourselves, what it means to feel concern for others...for the situations, circumstances, experiences, and challenges that they are faced with. At Mona Shores Middle School, we want our students to not only recognize this, but to truly feel that sense of compassion and to take action to alleviate or support.  I believe this quote captures that sense of compassion, “Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. And most of all, care for people without any expectation.”   As our students move through the month of February, our Month of Caring, please have conversations at home about what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to be a compassionate, caring individual, encouraging them to positively impact their school, community, and world with a spirit of compassion.  


Here is just a reminder for the week.


POSITIVE BEHAVIOR --  In evaluating our overall discipline numbers this year, I am encouraged - encouraged by our student’s focus, commitment to Sailor PRIDE, and by our staff holding students to high expectations!  This month (knowing we’ve had some snow days) we’ve had 55 discipline referrals, which is 60 LESS THAN last year.   I’m confident that our students will finish January strong and then make February another great month (typically high in numbers).  I do know that the majority of our students are making a lot of good choices, consistently, and are positively impacting our building!   Additionally, MSMS staff members have recognized our students and given out over 7,600 PRIDE passes so far this year!  Amazing! Know that I will challenge our students to meet behavior expectations, be their best-selves in every situation, and to continually strive to make good choices.  I will also praise those that are making positive choices and showing PRIDE on a daily basis here at MSMS.  At home, please continue to encourage and support your student in maintaining and reaching these high expectations.

TRAFFIC FLOW -- I wanted to share a couple of simple reminders as we battle weather, traffic, and drop off:

ONE -- When dropping, it is faster and easier to pull all the way forward, down by the anchor, and have students enter through the wing doors (West side of building).  When everyone works together and is courteous, we can maximize the safety and efficiency of our parking lot.   Please be sure you are pulling forward, using signals, and NOT dropping/picking up in the middle lane.

TWO -- Please DO NOT park in the Drop Zones.  These are meant to allow students to quickly get out of the car and the car to then leave.  When cars park and wait, this makes it difficult for all the other drop offs and prevents traffic from moving efficiently.  Some parents have been parking and waiting until 7:30. Please know that you may park in the parking lots off of Woodside and wait if you would like, not in the Drop Zones.  Additionally, we monitor the temperature carefully and have had the wing and front doors open prior to 7:30 for students.

THREE --  I have also been asked, by NSPD and our neighbors, to remind parents not to block driveways as they park down Reneer or Woodside for pick up.  This creates a huge safety concern, prevents flow of traffic, and causes everyone around you to wait even longer. Your attention to these details are greatly appreciated.

MONTH OF CARING -- February is the Month of Caring at MSMS.  MMLI, with the help of Student Congress and Calling All Colors, has fundraising activities and charity events planned for the month.  Each year, the MMLI students choose recipients of the monies raised from our Month of Caring efforts.  Over the past 5 years, we have raised over $25,000 for a variety of charities and causes within our own community. This year, the money and drive items will go some local charities, with The Kids Food Basket being our biggest partner.  Although there will be a lot of fun activities, don’t forget the reason why we are doing what we’re doing - caring and compassion.   You are challenged to serve others this month and think outside of yourselves! Make an impact on the world!

SPIRIT WEEK -- THIS WEEK -- February 4-8

Monday, February 4 -- Hat Day

Tuesday, February 5 -- Team Day

Wednesday, February 6 -- Comfy Day

Thursday, February 7 -- Flannel Day

Friday, February 8 -- Neon Day


Week 1 (Feb. 4) -- Spirit Week

Week 2 (Feb. 11) -- Lunch Fundraisers and Teacher Challenges

Week 3 (Feb. 19) -- Bake Sale and KFB Bag Decorations

Week 4 (Feb. 25) -- Kids Food Basket Drive

Week 5 (March 4) -- Building/Community Event - TBA


I am encouraged by the partnership between MSMS, our parents, and community as we continue our focus on academic success, high quality character, and serving others. I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful month of February.


Doug Ammeraal  | Principal


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