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Monday, March 27, Meeting Period Day

CTC students will attend CTC

  • 1st Period 7:40-8:35

  • 2nd Period 8:41-9:36

  • 3rd Hour 9:41-10:36 (CTC students will be school related absence from MSHS)

    • Lunch 10:36-11:36

  • 4th Period 11:41-12:36 (CTC students will report at this time)

  • 5th Period 12:42-1:45 (Seniors will be released to the auditorium at 1:40 then spend 5 minutes showing map and room assignments to 9th-11th grade)

Meeting Period 1:51-2:50 (Students will go to their testing rooms)

Google DocCalendar for the Year (page 3)

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