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Welcome to Mona Shores High School

Mission Statement

Building character and inspiring through opportunity and excellence in education. 

Vision Statement

Mona Shores High School will be consistently recognized at the local, state and national levels for our excellence in academic and extracurricular programs.


Important Message - Please Read

Thanks to the support of our community during the Warm, Safe, Dry Vote, Mona Shores is currently undergoing construction at all building sites to ensure your child's safety and security.  Due to this construction, many of the buildings this summer may not be accessible at all.  Therefore, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to stop in or call our Central Office (Administration) location which is housed at Ross Park Elementary on the west side of the building.  The phone number is 231-780-4751.  Thank you for your patience this summer.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back in September.


Student Parking Permit Registration 

All students must complete this form prior to student registration to obtain a parking permit
Google FormsStudent Parking registration form

Late Starts

February 14, 21, & 28
March 7, 14, & 21
April 18 & 25
May 2 & 30
June 6

National Merit Commended Scholars

Congratulations to Althea Muth and Max Wilson for being named National Merit Commended Scholars!

Moved?  Please submit your address change

If you have moved, please email Judy Neiser at with your new address and attach new proof of residence such as a current utility or tax bill.  Specifics can be found on the district Student Enrollment page under Enrollment Forms > Residency Verification Form.  A photo or screenshot of a utility bill with your name and address along with the updated driver's license is fine.  If you have any questions about the required proof of residence, contact Judy at 231-332-8453.

New Student Enrollment

New student enrollment has shifted back to the individual school buildings.  Please stop in the Counseling Office at Mona Shores High School if you need to enroll a new high school student.  See New Student Enrollment for more information and to start enrollment.

Transcript and Education Verification Information

Mona Shores Adult Education Graduates

Please contact the Mona Shores Community Services office for your records.
Phone:  231-780-4748 ext. 8254

Mona Shores High School Graduates

Click on the 'Order Records' button below to order your transcript electronically through Parchment.  All transcripts can now be sent electronically.  The Counseling Department page has more transcript request information.  Email:

Order My Transcript through Parchment

Video DocumentOrder My Transcript How to Video

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  • 23 Feb
  • 24 Feb
  • 26 Feb
    • Ted Talks/Auditorium 8:54 AM to 10:26 AM
      Ted Talks/Auditorium
      Feb 26
      8:54 AM to 10:26 AM
      HS Master
    • Piano Lessons 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM
      Piano Lessons
      Feb 26
      3:00 PM to 8:30 PM
      Choir Room
      HS Master
      Piano Lessons
  • 27 Feb
    • Ted Talks/Auditorium 8:54 AM to 10:26 AM
      Ted Talks/Auditorium
      Feb 27
      8:54 AM to 10:26 AM
      HS Master
    • Allegros Rehearsals 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
      Allegros Rehearsals
      Feb 27
      3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
      Choir/Dance Rooms
      HS Master
      Allegros Rehearsals