Lincoln Park Elementary Principal's Message

What’s NEW with the Lincoln Park CREW?

Lincoln Park students and staff ended the 2016-2017 school year with many accomplishments and a lot of changes! This year’s notable achievements  include receiving a “LIME” Scorecard from MDE in August of 2016 and moving in School Rankings from the 48th percentile to the 78th percentile in two years.  This was accomplished by staff, students, and parents with a laser-like focus on instruction and interventions.  

During the 2016-2017 school year, we were able to provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention services to 190 students. With the addition of math interventions and Math Add+Vantage training, we made great gains in our core (Tier 1) math instruction and and significantly decreased the number of students “at risk” in math.

iREADY MATH data for 2016-2017:
74% of the student population scored "On/Above Level" compared to 28% in the fall.  Only 3% of the student population scored "At Risk" on iREADY spring math assessments compared to 12% at risk in the fall.

In addition to math intervention changes, our reading interventions this year included a renewed focus on the district-wide LEXIA online reading program.  Based on current research and data, Lincoln Park refined the use and expectations of LEXIA for Tier 2 and Tier 3 reading interventions.  Our spring benchmark data affirmed our choice to use LEXIA as an intervention.

iREADY READING data for 2016-2017:
71% of the student population scored "On/Above Level" compared to 44% in the fall.  Only 8% of the student population scored "At Risk" on iREADY spring assessments compared to 12% in the fall.

Changes to Lincoln Park include both staff moves and building construction.  In June, Wendy Boonstra retired from teaching at Mona Shores.  Due to Wendy’s retirement, Katie VanderWall decided to move to 3rd grade and Trisha Hall decided to teach 1st grade.   With an open 2nd grade position, we were able to hire Mr. Corey VanSchaik.  We are excited to welcome Corey to the Lincoln Park CREW!

Building construction began at Lincoln Park in early June with playground demolition.  Students lined the fences to watch front end loaders, Bobcats, and other big trucks remove their favorite playground toys and the pea gravel. School ended at 11:45 on June 15 and by 1:30 window demolition began!  We are excited by the quick pace of construction and the transformation of Lincoln Park!  In addition to the new windows and new playground, we will also be getting new exterior doors, a new secure vestibule entry, new carpet, and new boiler.

Future changes and information on the past, present and future for Mona Shores Public Schools are available in the Master Facilities Plan.  You can also view the plan on the district, click on Our District at the top of page, then click on Master Facilities Plan located in the bottom right of page.   This is an exciting time to be a part of Mona Shores!

·        May 8, 2018 Bond Vision - $85 million and no tax increase...WOW    

·       Master Facilities Plan

There is a lot to be proud of and much more to be accomplished!  Thanks you for your commitment, support, and dedication to Mona Shores.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Karen Abraham at 755-1257, extension 8799, or by email at