Lincoln Park Elementary Principal's Message

What’s NEW with the Lincoln Park CREW?

Lincoln Park students and staff started off 2016-17 with a few new items and procedures.  This fall a Buddy Bench was installed on our playground thanks to the efforts of Lincoln Park students, Jack and Liam Smith.  Last winter, Jack submitted the request for a Buddy Bench to the Lincoln Park PTO.  Jack and Liam had a Buddy Bench at their previous school and thought having one at Lincoln Park would “help kids make friends” and “create a positive atmosphere for the school.”  The PTO supported the idea and ordered the Buddy Bench.  During the September CREW assembly, Jack and Liam presented the Buddy Bench to the school and reviewed the steps for using the bench to find, meet, and invite friends to play.  The brothers were recognized by the Mona Shores Board of Education for their efforts at the November 14th board meeting.

In addition to the Buddy Bench, new sand arrived in the sandbox, four-square courts were repainted, and checkerboards were painted for playing games with giant checkers.  Mileage Club also was a new addition to our recess this fall.  We will be participating in Mileage Club twice a year with the support of PTO and parent volunteers.  During Fall Mileage Club, Lincoln Park students ran a total of 1,344 miles during five afternoon recesses.   Our top runner for the fall was 5th grader, Nathan Opfermann, who ran 15.2 miles.   We are excited to offer this program to our students and to see their excitement about exercising with friends!

Another new procedure that students, staff, and parents learned this fall was our traffic plan for parent pick-up at the end of the school day.  Norton Shores Police Department worked with Lincoln Park staff to design a traffic plan to keep students safe and traffic moving.  With close to 300 cars picking up students at the end of the day, we designed two pick-up loops that each load 10 cars at a time.  Thanks to everyone’s cooperation and hard work, we are able to have all traffic cleared within 10 minutes at both loops!

More changes will be coming during the summer of 2017 with new windows, new carpet, a new secure vestibule entrance, new playground, and new boiler and pumps!  Future changes and information on the past, present and future for Mona Shores Public Schools are available in the Master Facilities Plan.  You can also view the plan on the district, click on Our District at the top of page, then click on Master Facilities Plan located in the bottom right of page.   This is an exciting time to be a part of Mona Shores!

·        May 8, 2018 Bond Vision - $85 million and no tax increase...WOW

·        Master Facilities Plan

There is a lot to be proud of and much more to be accomplished!  Thanks you for your commitment, support, and dedication to Mona Shores.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Karen Abraham at 755-1257, extension 8799, or by email at