A Message From The Principal


Dear Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving break with family and friends.  This is a time to be “thankful”.  I can tell you that at Churchill we are thankful for your support, partnership, and communication in the community. With that said, I’m going to “sprinkle” some information to you about the opportunities for our students, educators, and community in the future.  I have included three bullet points that highlight important information.  These bullet points represent the bond voting date, visual examples of school buildings from the 1950-60’s that were remodeled (Learning by Design Publication), and our Master Facilities Plan.  The Master Facilities Plan will provide you with information from the past, present, and future for Mona Shores Public Schools, regarding funding and facilities.  You can also view the plan on the district website... www.monashores.net, click on Our District at the top of page, then click on Master Facilities Plan located in the bottom right of page.  If you have any questions, please email me at whitakel@monashores.net or call me at (231) 798-1276 (ext. 8999).  There will be plenty more to come in the future, but wanted you to know how you can stay informed on the “big picture” moving forward that will have a “big positive impact” on our students and the community!!!

*  May 8, 2018 Bond Vision - $85 million and no tax increase...WOW

*  How do we become/remain the premier PreK-12 educational destination in the county, state, & nation?

*  Learning by Design Publication

  *  Master Facilities Plan


Lowell Whitaker

Mr. Lowell Whitaker
Churchill Elementary
(231)798-1276, Ext. 8999