A Message from Superintendent, Greg Helmer Greg Helmer - 2015-2016

Dear Community of Mona Shores Public Schools,

What is the vision statement of Mona Shores Public Schools?

“Mona Shores Public Schools will continue to be the premier PreK-12 educational destination in the county, state, and nation.”

Thinking of our vision statement, three categories come to my mind in which I would like to share more information.  These three categories are deliverables, our facilities, and the opportunity our community will have as early as May 8, 2018.

1.  Deliverables

  • We provide high quality interactions with our students, not only focused on academic outcomes, but developing the whole child through positive relationships.  These relationships enhance the culture of each of our buildings, preparing our students for college, career, and life!
  • We remain premier because of our high quality staff and faculty.  We attract high performing educators. We hire the very best and our high standards resonate within our school culture.
  • We provide professional learning and ongoing training for our employees to ensure we are aligned, focused on best practices, and continue developing systems that support collaboration.
  • Regardless of assessment, Mona Shores continues to produce results at the highest level around our county, state, and nation.  Our students “compete” with any students around the country!

2.  Facilities

  • As recognized by a Facilities Advisory Committee, composed of 63 community stakeholders, in 2014, our facilities do not align with our deliverables, nor do our facilities reflect premier when looking deeper into what is behind our exterior brick walls, or under our rooftops.
  • Our Facilities Advisory Committee recommended a 3 Phase Process to address all 6 of our buildings which were established in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
  • The Mona Shores Board of Education hired TowerPinkster, an architectural firm with a team of engineers, to conduct a comprehensive facility assessment which was completed in April of 2014.
  • Based on the results of our facility assessment, a plan was introduced to remodel and upgrade our existing buildings, rather than demolish and build new facilities.
  • A Master Facilities Plan was developed to address our facility needs in 3 phases
    • Phase 1 - Renewal of sinking fund, November of 2014.
    • Phase 2 - .75 millage increase to address highest priorities, Warm, Safe, & Dry, November of 2015.
    • Phase 3 - The final phase to improve our facilities in the areas of academics, arts, and athletics.

3.  Opportunity

  • Our final phase, Phase 3 of 3 may be on the ballot as early as May 8, 2018, pending Board of Education action.
  • We will have the potential of $85+ million without increasing taxes or raising the current debt levy.
  • Phase 3 will address our 2014 Facilities Assessment conducted by TowerPinkster - remodeling and repurposing our 1950’s and 1960’s buildings.
  • Phase 3 is intended to provide funding to allow Mona Shores to provide our aging buildings and establish premier facilities, meeting the needs of our students and staff well into the 21st century.

I am grateful for a community and a Board of Education that expects our district to continue being a premier PreK-12 educational district in the county, state, and nation.  I am also grateful that our community and Board of Education understands that such changes do not occur with rushed decision making to simply keep up with the “The Jones’”,  or shall I say “the Reeths-Puffer Schools”  or “the Rockford Schools.”  I am grateful for a process that is proven, not simply getting caught up in what is popular.  Our 3 Phase Process ensures fiscal responsibility, researched decision making, community input, and doing what’s best for our district now and well into the future.

Please review our photo gallery of the facilities updates we have made during Phase 2.  I am grateful for the support our community provided by passing our Warm, Safe, & Dry millage (Phase 2), allowing us to address high priority areas.  Please review our gallery of Phase 2 upgrades, which will continue into next spring and summer.  We will provide updates to our gallery to show our progress and provide accountability.

Sailing Forward,

Greg Helmer
Superintendent, Mona Shores Public Schools
(231) 780-4751  Ext. 8201
Email:  helmerg@monashores.net
Website:  www.monashores.net
Twitter:  @HelmerGreg

Inspiring excellence, building character, and impacting the future through
academics, arts, and athletics….Mona Shores!