A Message from Superintendent, Greg Helmer Greg Helmer - 2015-2016

Dear Community of Mona Shores Public Schools,

Happy Holidays!  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and memorable with family and friends.

It is "Tree Week", the week of the America’s Tallest Singing Christmas Tree.  I look forward to sharing some of the great things we do at Mona Shores such as The Singing Christmas Tree, but also celebrating the positive learning experiences our students have gained during the 1st Trimester of the school year.  The 2nd Trimester begins next Monday with new learning opportunities for our students.

I want to thank each of you for not only supporting our staff and faculty, but also for holding our students to high standards of performance in regards to academics, arts, and athletics.  In addition, I value the partnership we have with our parents which holds our students, your children, accountable for positive behavior.  Together, we are molding the youth of our community to demonstrate our PRIDE traits as established by our secondary buildings.    

At our last Board of Education meeting, we had important updates in regards to the financial status of our District.  I would like to highlight a few points:



  • Our end of the fiscal year financial audit was completed by Rehmann Robson, LLC, who presented the audit results to our Board of Education on November 14th.
  • I am proud to announce that we had no findings and our audit was a clean report.  In educational terms, we received an “A+” based on a question during our Board of Education meeting about how we performed.
  • If interested in reviewing our audits, click on the following links:
Fund Balance and Budget


  • Our unassigned fund balance at end of year was 8.8% of our General Fund expenditures.  Please know that we expect our General Fund to dip below our 2018 - 2019 target goal of 7.5% during this fiscal year.
    • We will have an amended 2016 - 2017 budget on December 12th.
    • Health insurance continues to increase at double-digit rates (over $500,000 in additional costs for 2016 - 2017).
  • Why a surplus of $625k compared to budget in 2016?
    • $425k of this amount was due to recovery of Ponzi scheme funds.
    • Fiscally responsible spending at the building level, conservative budgeting of employee benefits and utilizing Technology Fund resources for items that were previously paid out of the General Fund technology budget all contributed to the surplus.  

It is my personal mission to remain transparent and provide our community access to a variety of information, please consider checking out the district’s transparency page by clicking here.  Please review this page if you are interested in seeing our District from the inside out.  I hope our community finds this particular page on our website helpful.

Thinking ahead to the upcoming holiday break, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.  Let’s make 2017 a great year for our students, staff, and community by working together, partnering together, learning together.

Thank you for supporting Mona Shores Public Schools!  Together, we will continue to be the premier PreK-12 educational destination in county, state, and nation!

Sailing Forward,

Greg Helmer
Superintendent, Mona Shores Public Schools
(231) 780-4751  Ext. 8201
Email:  helmerg@monashores.net
Website:  www.monashores.net
Twitter:  @HelmerGreg

Inspiring excellence, building character, and impacting the future through
academics, arts, and athletics….Mona Shores!