A Message from Superintendent, Greg Helmer Greg Helmer - 2015-2016

Dear Community of Mona Shores Public Schools,

We are living in a society where participation trophies have become the norm.  I am not a fan of participation trophies.  I do like trophies when a youngster earns something special through goal setting, hard work, and perseverance

Let me introduce you to a well-deserved trophy winner.  One of our Sailor Crewmates at Lincoln Park Elementary,  Mason Schlafer.  Mason is a 5th grade student who has reminded all of us how goal setting, hard work, and perseverance leads to success.

M-Live article about Mason's adventure

At a recent Community Forum for Phase 3 - Master Facility Planning, I met Mason’s dad, Matt Schlafer.   Mr. Schlafer and I proceeded to have a conversation regarding Mason’s recent accomplishment.  This conversation left  me feeling inspired

This past fall, Mason made the headlines:

  • As a member of Cub Scouts Pack #4055 (Ross Park Elementary), Mason set a goal of becoming the top salesman in the State of Michigan, selling popcorn.
  • Mason’s actions became legendary, working hard for 2 months, canvassing over 800 homes, regardless of rain or time away from enjoying video games.
  • Perseverance fueled Mason’s drive to raise money for Pack #4055 to purchase trophies for the “Pinewood Derby,” not just for this year, but for years to come.   Mason earned enough commissions to purchase trophies for 10 years!
  • Mason sold over $15,000 door to door, $6,300 at storefronts and $850 online for a grand total of  $22,150.  That not only eclipsed the previous state record of $14,440, but also broke a 13 state regional record of $18,730.

Mason fully understands his hard work and efforts do indeed pay off.  He understands that he has made a difference for others going forward.

In the future, Mason will be at our middle school and high school, which both use the same positive behavior P.R.I.D.E. framework.  I am grateful for the support and emphasis our school community has on teaching and instilling character traits, traits that truly prepare our students for college, career, and life!

In the future, I have a feeling that Mason’s character traits will earn more than a trophy for his accomplishments!  

Sailing Forward,

Greg Helmer
Superintendent, Mona Shores Public Schools
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