A Message from Superintendent, Greg Helmer Greg Helmer - 2015-2016

Dear Community of Mona Shores Public Schools, 

How big is your house?  At our community forum on January 18th, a community member told me that they understood the need to upgrade and maintain our district buildings.  They recently completed a third round of remodeling on their 1,500 square foot home that was built in 1963.  This particular guest then proceeded to ask me how much square footage we have in our school district.

How big is our “House” at Mona Shores Public Schools?

  • 6 main building sites total nearly 705,000 sq ft which equates to 470, 1,500 sq ft homes

The majority of our square footage was originally constructed in the 1950s and 1960s with updates and improvements along the way.  Within our “House” at Mona Shores Public Schools, we have a family of 4,500+  students and staff that come through our buildings every school day.  We also have hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of guests, spectators, parents, and community members that visit on any given day.  Maintaining our facilities is a district priority and a pride point for the community of Mona Shores Public Schools.  We all want to be good neighbors.

I am grateful for the teaching and learning that occurs inside our classrooms, performance stages, and on our athletic fields and courts.  It is important to me, that you as part of our community, feels the same.  Our community continues to support and expect a premier education, along with facilities that meet the demands of our 21st century learners.  We will continue to plan and address our facilities.  Thankfully, we have a long-term plan due to the strategic planning and forward thinking of our Board of Education and District Administrative Team.

As we continue to move toward phase 3 of our current facilities plan, I encourage our community to become knowledgeable about our district’s facilities by spending time reviewing our Master Facility Plans at http://www.monashores.net/our-district/bond-fund-transparency/

As the sights and sounds of spring fill the air along the lakeshore, I hope to see you visiting our “House” at upcoming school events.  While visiting our “House” at Mona Shores Public Schools, you will see firsthand the great things our staff and students do on a daily basis.

Thank you for supporting Mona Shores Public Schools!  If needed, my door is always open for a chat, clarification, or suggestions.  I value feedback.  Together, we will continue to be the premier PreK-12 educational destination in county, state, and nation!

Sailing Forward,

Greg Helmer
Superintendent, Mona Shores Public Schools
(231) 780-4751  Ext. 8201
Email:  helmerg@monashores.net
Website:  www.monashores.net
Twitter:  @HelmerGreg

Inspiring excellence, building character, and impacting the future through
academics, arts, and athletics….Mona Shores!