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Board of Education Photo
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Back Row: Jay Keesen, Jeanne Cooper-Kuiper, Stan Miller, Michael Hansen
Front Row: Kandace Boysen, Wesley WIlson, Christine Burnaw

Board Member Profiles and Terms

Kandace Boysen Term: January 2007 - December 2018
Christine Burnaw Term: January 2014 -December 2020
Jeanne Cooper-Kuiper Term: January 2005 - December 2023
Michael Hansen Term: January 2009 - December 2020
Jay Keessen Term: January 2015 - December 2023
Stan Miller Term: January 2013 - December 2018
Wesley Wilson Term:  January 2017- December 2023

Responsibilities of the Board of Education

The Board of Education is the governing body of the Mona Shores Public School District with responsibility for developing policy to ensure the proper care, management and control of District affairs.

The Board consists of seven citizens elected at large by the voters of the district. Board members must be U.S. citizens and registered to vote in the District. Members serve six-year terms, with either two or three seats up for election in November of even-numbered years. 

In addition to setting policy, the Board hires and evaluates the superintendent; approves the budget for the district; places millage requests on the ballot for voter approval to support the operation of the district; approves staff hiring, transfers, resignations, terminations, and leaves of absence; approves expenditures; approves educational programs and curricula; and otherwise ensures that facilities and equipment are available to support learning and teaching in the District.

Board Meetings

Organizational Meetings

The Board holds an organizational meeting in early July to set the meeting schedule for the coming fiscal year, and settle other routine business.  Officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) are elected each year in January.

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the first and second Mondays of most months at the Ross Park campus at 121 Randall Road in Norton Shores. Click here for the current meeting schedule. Special meetings may be added at any time and are posted on the District’s home page.

April School Building Meetings

In April, the Board meets once at each of the six school buildings in the District to get an in-depth update on academic achievement, student behavior, and other matters specific to each building.

Communicating with the Board

Public Welcome

The Board welcomes public input on any issues relevant to the district. Members of the public are encouraged to attend all School Board meetings, and anyone may address the Board during a public comment period at each Board meeting.

You can email the Board at, or reach individual Board members by phone or email using the contact information at right.

You may also write to the Board at:
Mona Shores School Board
121 Randall Rd.
Norton Shores, MI, 49441

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